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DIY bookmark or How to make a bookworm happy

Master class for those who don’t know jewelry making by artbeadlv

This time the story is about making a bookmark from stuff that each of us has at home, by using only non-professional tools – scissors, plain wire, nippers etc. Moreover, anyone can make this bookmark without any knowledge about jewelry making and crafting.

To make this bookmark you will need:

a) A cord – you can use any kind that you find at home – leather cord, shoe-tie, ribbon etc.
b) A piece of a tiny wire, approx 15 cm,
c) Some pieces of old necklaces, bracelets, old earring etc.
d) Nippers or plain scissors that can cut a tiny wire.

First, measure the cord. If you want to make a double bookmark for the standard book (like at the photos above), take approx 55 cm long cord. If a single one or for the pocket-book, take a shorter cord.
I have folded my cord in double for a total length of 27 cm.

Second, put the old earring (or the piece of another old jewelry) on the middle of the cord and loop the cord with the wire to lock the earring. Then cut off unnecessary wire.

Third, decorate the ends of the future bookmark. For that I took a few more pieces of the old bracelet I don’t use any more. Put each end of the cord through the rings of the elements.

Lock them with the wire and cut off unneeded wire again. Plus, cut off unneeded ends of the cord.

The bookmark is ready to use. Quick and simple!